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What is freeze-drying?

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Freeze-drying is a dehydration process. It dehydrates by freezing the food, creating a vacuum and drying via sublimation

What is the difference between freeze-dried and dehydration?

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Traditional dehydration is done by gently heating food for an extended period of time. It tends to have a higher level of humidity than freeze-dried. The texture is different and the shelf life much shorter. Dehydration of dehydrated product is also much slower. Freeze-dried food dehydrates almost instantly.

What are the advantages of freeze-drying?

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Freeze-drying conserves 98% of the fresh foods nutrients, losing only a bit of vitamin C. The taste, colour and shape is also preserved. Freeze-dried fruit has a crunchy texture and re-hydrates almost instantly. It is also very light and shelf stable


How do I eat freeze-dried food?

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There are many ways to consume freeze-dried fruit and vegetables. You can simply eat them as a snack. You can also add them to your morning cereal, powder them to add to smoothies or into your baking. They can also be re-hydrated by pouring hot or cold water and letting sit for a few minutes. Once rehydrated, they will have the same texture of frozen fruit and vegetables. Check out some of our recipes!

How to I store my freeze-dried products?

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Freeze-dried food is shelf stable and is stored in your pantry. Once opened, it should be stored in it's package. If not consumed all at ounce (which will be hard), make sure to close up the package quickly as it will absorb moisture from the air and soften.

How long does it keep?

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Unopened, the product will be good for at least 6 months. Once opened, consume quickly as it will absorb the moisture from the ambient air.

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