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Lyoca's mission is to preserve local fruit and vegetables while helping farmers optimize their harvests to bring Canadians healthy, sustainable and delicious products throughout the year.

Eating local is at the core of Lyoca's values.  Our seasons don't always make it easy however, and the local selection in the heart of winter is pretty dismal.  By preserving surpluses and summer bounty, we aim to bring Canadians more choice and reduce food waste at the same time.  Food waste is a major environmental disaster. Lyoca's is committed to helping our earth and providing long term solutions for sustainability. 

But what is the definition of local you ask?  Well, it is different for everyone.  At Lyoca, we prioritize proximity. Food that hasn't travelled and picked at perfect ripeness has more nutrients and taste.

But ethics and the environment are also important.  Some of our favourite foods simply don't grow in our climate, such as bananas.  In this case, we must look at the conditions of the growers, and their respect of the land.  How we treat and value others and their work enables a respect of human rights, the land and ourselves. Everyone has the right to basic necessities of life, freedom and fairness. For Lyoca, this is as important as local. Every bite brings goodness in many different ways.

Our last point is traceability and ingredients.  We promise to be honest and open about our ingredients and the provenance of our fruit and vegetables. In 2021, I developed a soy allergy.  To my dismay, almost 80% of processed food contains some form of soy. I began having to carefully read ingredient labels and was horrified at all the strange names and chemical compounds we are eating.  Is this really food?  We make another promise to our customers: to use only the best, simple ingredients, easy to understand, but most important that are good for our health and will help us live a healthy lifestyle.






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